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About Us

Bolden Mack League

Our Mission

The Bolden Mack Basketball league was founded in 2017 by Andrew Ayodeji and Dan Lloyd to reduce community violence by mentoring youth through education, athletic and cultural activities. We accomplish this mission through basketball leagues, character educational workshops and community led initiatives, that build life skills for at-risk children, youth, and young adults.

Our Game Plan

Our MACK leadership team is geared up and ready to inspire young people who are full of energy, excitement, potential and we connect them with our summer basketball league and workshops, building positive character, self-worth, and purpose. 

We organize and sponsor youth Basketball teams, so they can play in a competitive athletic program, which includes high quality equipment, uniforms, professional referees, and security. We provide a safe environment creating community unity for all ages. We also provide free professional athletic training once a month, as well as mentorship by equipping and educating precious young people with innovative solutions, tools, and character disciplines to overcome temptations, conflicts, and challenges they will face in their personal life journey.